Why Choose THOR

THOR Manufacturing creates the most innovative 12 volt automotive products on the market. We take our expert knowledge of the 12 volt industry, couple it with feedback from our professional customer base and incorporate functional common-sense ideas to make a truly unique product for the demanding end user. Our experienced staff draws on working knowledge from international manufacturing leaders such as Black and Decker, Office Depot, and Vector Manufacturing.

With a knowledgeable staff blending over 35 years of automotive experience combined with our in-house engineering design team, Thor Manufacturing is bringing back innovation and quality into a market that has become all too common place. The word “commodity” is used far too often when describing products like inverters, jump starters, battery chargers, and other automotive products. Since we are like you, demanding users of our own products, we take what we do and how we design our products personally. We take pride in putting our products up against any other manufactures in the business and showing the superior quality that goes into Thor power products.

With exceptional efficiency in design, strategic factory alliances, and a talented global sourcing team Thor Manufacturing is able to offer its exceptional products at competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Our daily goal is to meet and exceed the ever changing and demanding needs of our customers. We invite you to try and enjoy one of our many innovative Thor power products today!


The THOR Manufacturing Team

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