Why Everyone Should Have a 400 Watt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter.

septiembre 26, 2016

As any parent with multiple children can attest, having portable AC power available for long road trips is a blessing. While many new vehicles now come with built in power inverters, there are millions of older family vehicles that do not have this option. Keeping the family occupied with portable movie players, video game consoles, mobile devices is an absolute must, however, many of these accessories do not plug in directly to 12V outlets. A 400 Watt modified sine wave power inverter provides AC power from your vehicle’s 12V electrical system giving users the option to power many devices in their vehicle.

There are two ways to power a 400 Watt modified sine wave inverter from your vehicle. One is s direct connection to a 12V power outlet from the 12V male adapter and cable that comes with the 400 Watt inverter. The other is a set of alligator clamps that allow users to connect directly to the car battery. A 12V connection to the socket in the vehicle will usually yield about 100 watts of operating power whereas the connection to the battery will yield the full 400 watts of power capability of the modified sine wave inverter.

Here is a list of common accessories that you can run from a 400 Watt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter from THOR Manufacturing:

  • Small televisions (up to 32″)
  • Blender
  • Laptops
  • Cell Phones
  • Cameras
  • MP3 Players
  • Handheld Video Games
  • Lights/Lamps
  • Portable Stereos
  • CD/DVD Players

Talk to a THOR Manufacturing Technical Expert today about how to make the most use from a 400 Watt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter!

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