Thor Inverter Install Kit: Never be without the parts you need

June 2, 2015

THOR Inverter

You’ve been using your inverter for a while now and you don’t know how you ever survived without it. Unfortunately, you discovered this the hard way when you realized you’d lost the inverter cable.

Inverter Kit

Thankfully, it’s easy to replace with the THOR-THCBL Inverter Install Kit that contains the cable you need for your inverter to be operational again. No need to worry about being without power again.

Included in the basic kits are large gauge battery cables and two sets of lugs. Also included are installation instructions to help you correctly connect your Thor Manufacturing power inverter to your batteries or DC power source.

Thor Manufacturing cables offer excellent flexibility, ozone, sun and weather resistance. They are also rated and flexible at – 40ºC and provide oil resistance and heat resistance at 105ºC.

Our cable construction offers the following:

  • Conductors: Flexible stranded bare copper per ASTM B-172 Class K
  • Separator: Tape separator between the conductor and insulation
  • Jacket: Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) Class 45, 105 ̊C Table 50.55 of UL 1581

For a more complete installation, THOR also offers the Professional Grade Inverter Kits. Depending on the kit, your package will include an inverter, cables, fuse, isolator & remote (1000 Watts and up) . There are three versions of the kits, each with their own grouping of accessories. View them here.

Contact Thor Power Products support online or by phone, 866-955-THOR (8467) for information about the THOR – THCBL Inverter Install Kit and fit compatibility. We can also help any custom cable assistance you need.

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