THOR Consumer and Commercial Grade Multi-Stage Battery Chargers – a robust and versatile solution

February 20, 2015

Why are the THOR THC-Series multi-stage battery chargers so popular with users across North America? It’s because they are built with a robust design, incredible features and are very light-weight design

Features offered by the THOR THC Series, 12V industrial grade smart battery chargers include: Fast battery charging, Switchable charging options, rapid or fl­oat charging, longer charging options, a robust design and a two year THOR Manufacturing warranty.

The 3-stage optional charging system provides automatic charging in three phases. 1. A fast charge to bring a good, drained battery back up to full voltage rapidly (“Boost”). 2. A standard charge to bring the battery up to a full charge at a safe rate to prolong the life of the battery and provide power to run 12V lighting and appliances in the vehicle/device. (“Normal”) *Voltages are specific to each charger model.3. A trickle charge to keep the battery fresh during times of load inactivity (“Storage”). The charger automatically changes modes to accommodate changes in conditions.

The THOR multi-stage battery chargers come with external fuse access, terminals with set-screws for the appropriate gauge cables and grounding. The side mounting flanges make installing the charger a snap in case you want to keep it on-board your vehicle at all times.

In case you do not have a charging application in mind, you can also use your THOR commercial battery charger as a DC power source to run 12V accessories. Be sure to check the owners manual for instructions on how to do this.

When you are not using THOR commercial multi-stage battery charger year round, storing it will not be a problem in most regions throughout the USA. With a storage temperature range of -20°c (-4°f) to 80°c (176°f) your THOR Charger is built to withstand some very extreme temperatures.

The following 12V THOR Battery Charger models are available:

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