This Is The One!

October 8, 2019

THPW300-PPI Pure Sine Wave 300 watt power converters are in stock and ready to ship today. THOR MANUFACTURING has launched another first in its class, Professional Grade Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.

Don’t Wait! Supplies are limited


With a THOR 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave inverter you won’t need to rely on DC-powered electronics or a generator to have power for tools, electronics, or any AC power needs


THOR Pure Sine Wave 300 watt power converters have set the standard with the way you deal with your mobile power needs, providing AC electricity. A power inverter converts the DC electricity from batteries into everyday AC power.

  • Compact Design.
  • 5 Foot Accessory Cable Plug.
  • Dual AC Outlets.
  • Dual USB Chargin Ports.
  • 600 Watt Surge.

Get yours today!

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