TH3000 and THFBCBL Kit, a great combination.

septiembre 26, 2016

The need for running appliances, power tools, and other accessories in a mobile environment is very common for people on the move. Running AC powered devices on a generator presents a couple of unique challenges. One being noise and the other is size. The THOR TH3000 Modified Sine Wave Inverter is a compact and ideal alternative offering 88% efficiency and up to 6000 watts of peak power, serving every owner with optimal AC power on demand. Whether you need power for larger vehicles such as utility & work trucks, RV’s, or boats, the compact yet extremely powerful THOR TH3000 Modified Sine Wave Inverter will surely benefit to your mobile power needs. This inverter comes in a compact enclosure, full protections and three AC outlets.

One great feature of the inverter is the quiet thermo controlled cooling fan that keeps the inverter at optimal operating temperatures as load demand increases. With maximized efficiency and excellent no load power consumption ratings, THOR manufacturing ensures a dependable and highly effective power inverter. Since THOR’s modified sine wave inverter has a high surge capacity, it is a great match for products that require more power to start. Having quick, on-demand start of electrical devices means that items like high-powered tools will start up more effectively and with ease. The enclosure of the TH3000 modified sine wave inverter features mounting brackets for convenient installation, and paired with THOR’S THFBCBL Inverter install kit will allow for an even easier installation experience.

The THFBCBL Kit includes:

  • 1 Pair of DC Power Cables
  • 1 Fuse Holder
  • 1 Protective Fuse
  • 2 Sets of Lugs

The THOR TH3000 and THFBCBL make an excellent pair because the cables and fusing are optimally matched to meet the usage specifications inherent with 3000 Watt Power Inverters. All products are thoroughly tested to ensure that the THOR POWER THOR TOUGH name lives up to heavy expectations of commercial and consumer users. Your inverter and installation kit will provide complete satisfaction and worry free operation.

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