THPW3000 ETL PRO KIT  Professional Grade Inverter KIT


THOR DC Inverter Kits make it simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Choose your inverter by wattage.
  2. Choose the desired accessories you would like with your inverter.
  3. Receive all necessary items at once with a THOR Inverter Install Kit. No more searching for fuses, lugs, and cable as they will arrive all in one convenient package.

Professional Mobile Power Install Kits for your fleet and service vehicles! Take the guesswork out of installing your THOR power inverter. Pre-assembled, all-in-one box, THOR ETL Pro mobile power install kits give you all of the essential components for a complete and independent AC power system for your fleet or service vehicle.

THOR Manufacturing Mobile Power Install Kits will reduce unnecessary inventory, vendors and more importantly they remove the guesswork so that you can install your inverter and be up and running quickly!

The idea behind the THPW3000 ETL PRO KIT is simple.

Save time and money, receive everything in one box.

  • THOR Mobile Power Inverter
  • 15 ft of proper size DC cable with crimped lugs
  • THOR Fuse with fuse holder – for easy installation/mounting
  • THOR Battery Isolator
  • TH-IBS Inverter Bypass Switch for ignition control installation
  • TH-EXT 15 ft of AC cable with 120 volt AC outdoor outlet extension

Design Features

  • Best AC efficiency
  • Complete quality installation kits
  • 200% peak capacity
  • 100% continuous output power
  • 200% surge capacity
  • Best battery protection and safety

30 Amps of Power

  • 3000 Watt pure sine wave power inverter
  • 15 Feet of 3/0 Cable (15’ Positive and 15’ Negative)
  • 300 Amp fuse and fuse block
  • 500 Amp battery isolator
  • Inverter bypass switch for Ignition controlled and THoo2 remote for manual On/ Off
  • TH-EXT, 15’ electrical power extension cord with weather proof duplex receptacle

Product Summary:

  • Bar Code Number: 00850026892055
  • Packaging: Box
  • Dimension: 20L x 15W x 13H
  • Net weight: 45lbs
Compliance and Restrictions

Cancer and Birth Defect/Reproductive Harm --

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