THOR Battery Isolators

THOR Manufacturing Dual Battery Isolator Kits can be used as a battery or circuit isolator to allow your alternator to charge more than one battery but keep your starting battery from being drained when the vehicle is not running.

THI Series Battery Isolators can be used to isolate circuits or batteries. These Dual Battery Isolator Kits are simple to install, take up less room, and are more durable than standard battery isolators. They require less than 1 amp to operate. Take your pick of either our 80 amp, 200 amp or 500 amp model.


Design Features:

  • More flexible than traditional battery isolators
  • Smaller and lighter then traditional isolators
  • Allows bi-directional charging from alternator or shore power
  • Works with all type of alternators
  • No efficiency losses due to diodes



  • RVs and Campers
  • Long Haul Trucks
  • Boats
  • Mobile Office
  • Service Vehicles
  • Emergency Back-up Power
  • Utility Trucks

Isolate with Confidence

The THOR Battery Isolator is the perfect solution when adding a secondary battery to your vehicles electrical system. It allows the second battery to be fully dedicated to the power inverter. It does not create a voltage drop like common isolators tend to do. The isolator will draw less than 1 amp when your vehicle is powered On. All of this will ensure that your battery will be isolated with confidence!


Kits Include:

  • 1 (80, 200 or 500) Amp Isolator
  • Wiring schematic with instructions
  • 20 feet of correct gauge DC power cable
  • 4 sets of correct gauge lugs
  • 2 Fuse and Fuse holders correct Amperage to Isolator


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