Flexible Solar Panel

THOR Flexible Solar Panels

The THFP-100-SOL 100 watt flexible solar panel kit converts the sun’s energy into DC electricity and this electricity charges the battery. The battery stores the electricity, similar to a water tank storing water. This battery power may be used at any time to operate DC powered devices connected to the battery. To increase the battery service life, a solar controller is used to prevent the solar panels from overcharging the batteries. This process is managed by the Solar Charge Controller included in this 100 watt portable solar panel kit.


THFP-100-SOL-30 Flexible Solar Panel Kit Features:


THFP100-SOL Typical Electrical Data at STC: 25°C, 1000 W/m2 and AM 1.5

Nominal Power (Pnom): 100 W
Power Tolerance: +/–3%
Rated Voltage (Vmpp): 17.5 V
Rated Current (Impp): 5.8 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 21 V
Short curcuit current (Isc): 6.2 A
Power Temp Coeffiecient: –0.35%/° C
Voltage Temp Coefficient: –58.9 mV/° C
Current Temp Coefficient: 2.6 mA/° C
Max. System Voltage: 45 V
Series Fuse Rating: 15 A

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