THOR Manufacturing’s DC Installation Kits include everything you will need to properly connect your THOR Manufacturing power inverter to your batteries or DC power source. Included are large gauge battery cables, lugs and installation instructions.
Need custom cables? Contact your THOR Manufacturing distributor for pricing as custom cable sets is one of our specialties.

Cable Construction:

  • Conductors: Flexible stranded bare copper per ASTM B-172 Class K
  • Separator: Tape separator between the conductor and insulation
  • Jacket: Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) Class 45, 105˚C Table 50.55 of UL 581

All kits include:

  • 1 Pair of DC Power Cables
  • 2 Sets of Lugs

Application Features:

Excellent flexibility, ozone, sun and weather resistant. Rated and flexible at – 40ºC. Oil resistant & heat resistant at 105ºC.

Product Summary:

  • Bar Code Number: Varies by Kit
  • Packaging: Cooler Box
  • Dimensions: 16L x 7W x 13H to 17L x 7W x 17H
  • Product Net Weight: 4lbs to 34lbs

Información adicional

Cable Set

Cable Set 4 Awg, Cable Set 1/0, Cable Set 3/0, Cable Set 4/0


THCBL05FT4 4 Awg Cable Sets 5 Feet, THCBL10FT4 4 Awg Cable Sets 10 Feet, THCBL15FT4 4 Awg Cable Sets 15 Feet, THCBL20FT4 4 Awg Cable Sets 20 Feet, THCBL05FT1/0 1/0 Cable Sets 5 Feet, THCBL10FT1/0 1/0 Cable Sets 10 Feet, THCBL15FT1/0 1/0 Cable Sets 15 Feet, THCBL20FT1/0 1/0 Cable Sets 20 Feet, HCBL05FT3/0 3/0 Cable Sets 5 Feet, THCBL10FT3/0 3/0 Cable Sets 10 Feet, THCBL15FT3/0 3/0 Cable Sets 15 Feet, THCBL20FT3/0 3/0 Cable Sets 20 Feet, THCBL05FT4/0 4/0 Cable Sets 5 Feet, THCBL10FT4/0 4/0 Cable Sets 10 Feet, THCBL15FT4/0 4/0 Cable Sets 15 Feet, THCBL20FT4/0 4/0 Cable Sets 20 Feet

THCBL Inverter Cable Sets

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