Automatically identify system voltage, 12V/24V. Sealed, gel, open lead-acid battery and lithium battery charging programs are optional. Overcharge, over discharge, overload protection, and electronic short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection. 3-stage PWM charging. Industrial grade design can be used in various harsh environments.

  • Rated current 60A
  • System Voltage Automatic recognition of 12 V / 24 V
  • Rated power 12V/ 720W
  • No-load loss < 13rnA/12V; < 15rnA/24V
  • Max. solar energy input voltage <55V
  • Max. voltage at the battery end <34V
  • Battery Type Flooded, Sealed SLD
  • Overvoltage protection 16V
  • Equalizing charging voltage 14.8V
  • Boost charging voltage 14.6V
  • Floating charging voltage 13.8V
  • Charging recovery voltage 13.2V
  • Over-discharge recovery voltage 12.5V
  • Over-discharge voltage 11.0V
  • Equalizing charging interval 30 Days
  • Equalizing charging time 1 H
  • Boost charging interval 2 H
  • Temperature Compensation -3.0mVfC/2V
  • Light control voltage Light control on 5V, light control off 6V (light control on plus 1V)
  • Light control judgement time 10 minutes
  • USB function Yes
  • Bluetooth function Optional
  • Operating temperature -25C ° to +55C °
  • IP protection degree IP30

Protection Functions
Battery plate reverse connaction protection, battery reverse connection protection, charging battery board short circuit protection, charging the battery open circuit protection, charging over current protection, overload protection, load short-circuit protection, controller and over temperature protection.

Product Summary:

  • Bar Code Number: 852090008615
  • Packaging: Box
  • Dimensions: 7.45L X 5W X 2.12”H
  • Product Net Weight: 23oz




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