Power Solutions for Mobile Locksmiths

December 14, 2016


For a mobile locksmith, being able to perform their job on the road is essential for business survival. When a locksmith is called out to a job, which may require new keys, means that he must be able to use his key cutting machine on location without interruption in order to get the job done.

How does a mobile locksmith use his key cutting machine in a service van/truck that only has a direct current (DC) power source (Battery)? The answer is simple. He will use a Power Inverter that has been professionally installed into his service truck along with a THOR Inverter Installation kit. The inverter installation kit includes cables, fuses, connectors required for a safe and optimal connection between the vehicle battery and inverter.

A locksmith will not use just any power inverter either. He must choose wisely. Although there are two main types of inverters, modified or pure sine wave, he will require a pure sine wave in order for his equipment to function optimally.

Why does a mobile locksmith use a THOR pure sine wave inverter? There are many reasons:

◦ Pure sine wave power is a source of AC power that is converted from battery power and it is equal to utility power from the grid.  Key cutting machines need this clean power in order to run efficiently and not burn out the motor.
• Key Cutting Machine Manufacturers require that their machines are operated with a pure AC power source or warranties will be voided.
• Pure sine wave inverters have high surge capacity, and some electronic items like key cutting machines require additional power to initially begin operation.
• Modified sine wave inverters have higher harmonic distortion, which can cause key cutting machines and other power tools to run hot thus shortening their lifespan.

How does a locksmith choose the right inverter for the job?

Choosing the right power inverter for a key cutting machine can be complicated for someone who is not knowledgeable about power conversion or electronics. THOR Manufacturing has a very simple product mix of four pure sine wave inverters in 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 watts. A key cutting machine generally requires 3-4 times the rated power to operate from an inverter, which leaves a couple of choices, THOR THPW3000 and the most common being the THOR THPW5000 Pure Sine Wave Inverters.

It is also important to make sure that the service van/truck has an adequately rated alternator, which is also in good operating condition. The alternator is essential for charging the battery while the van is running. If the electrical device requires more than the power available from the alternator and the battery, the device will operate for a short period of time until the voltage drops to an insufficient level.

To learn more about THOR Manufacturing Pure Sine Wave Inverters and THOR inverter installation kits for your mobile locksmith service van/truck, visit www.thorpowerproducts.com .

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