All new TH-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect.

October 23, 2017


THE TH-LVD is here!

For use with THOR Manufacturing Battery Isolators.


THOR Manufacturing’s, Low Voltage Disconnect switch is a solid state electronic module designed to protect batteries from excessive discharge. Think of them much like a surge protector, but instead of terminating the connection when voltage spikes, they disconnect when voltage drops too low, preventing damage to the batteries and load. The low voltage disconnect module when used with a battery isolator will automatically disconnect and reconnect loads based on battery voltage. No operator action required. This prolongs battery life by preventing damage due to excessive discharge.

Continually monitors battery voltage then disconnects the load when low voltage is sensed. Extends battery life by preventing over-discharge and protects

TH-LVD Features:

■ 12 & 24 Volt applications
■ 30 second Delay Timer
■ Weather resistant
■ Compact size w/ bracket
■ No more dead batteries!
■ Automatically Disconnects any drain on the battery (when Voltage drops to desired cutoff point), leaving starting power.
■ No button to push, or raising the hood.

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