Low Voltage Disconnect

January 7, 2020

Now Available in Kits 80A, 200A & 500A

THOR MANUFACTURING inverter low voltage disconnect kits provide essential components to ensure that your vehicle battery is protected from unexpected discharging from external loads. The ignition controlled inverter low voltage disconnect automatically powers on/off the isolator which manages critical load connections and automatically turns on/off your THOR Power converter. Users can also choose from selectable settings to adjust voltage set points.


  • No more dead batteries!
  • Automatically Disconnects any drain on the battery
  • No buttons to push, or raising the hood.
  • Proven technology protecting vehicle battery alternators, electrical system and much more!.


  • THOR Isolator
  • TH-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect
  • TH-IBS Inverter By Pass Switch


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