Brighten up with convenient TH2706 LED spotlight

May 5, 2015

Thor Power Products offers theTH2706 LED Spotlight with 8 or 3 Super Bright White LEDs will keep light wherever you need it, or at least over your work bench or under the hood of your truck. It also has a hand crank to help provide a bright light in an emergency situation or when you’re without a charging source.


This multipurpose spotlight will provide hours of use on a single charge. With its sealed lead acid rechargeable battery you can depend on it for all of your projects whenever you need it and wherever you are. This battery can be charged with the included 12 volt automobile cigarette lighter plug, so you can power up any time. And with LED instead of light bulbs, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing the bulbs.

Of course, another one of the benefits of using an LED spotlight is that it stays cool while providing bright light to illuminate the area where you want it. It can be used hands-free almost everywhere, and with a convenient adjustable hook the spotlight helps provide the coverage you need.

The spotlight comes with a one-year warranty – you can rely on our quality products. Contact Thor Power Products by email or by phone, 866-955-THOR (8467) to see how the THOR LED Spotlight can bring light into to your life.

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