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March 25, 2015

Just imagine: you, your RV, sunshine and hours of free time ahead of you. There aren’t many days like this where you can relax, enjoy the light music playing in the background, warm sun and fresh air while you stare into the distance reflecting on the scenery. To make the day even better, there doesn’t seem to be another soul around; you get to enjoy this magnificent setting to yourself.

As you immerse yourself in this feeling of calm and peace, a sudden quiet replaces the sound of the music from your stereo. You look around, but there’s nothing you can see except that same beautiful postcard-like scene that you’ve been a part of for hours. Then the music goes on and then off again for good this time. You wander around to check your stereo, but it’s not working. How is this possible? As you again look around to see what could be causing this disruption. Nothing can be found. Can this happen to you? No, because you will never have to worry about your THOR THI Series Battery Isolator draining the battery for your RV accessories.

THI Series battery isolators can be used to isolate circuits or batteries. These Battery Isolators are simple to install, take up less room, and are more durable than standard battery isolators. They require less then 1 amp to operate. Take your pick of either our 80 Amp, 200 Amp or 500 Amp models.

Not only will THI Isolators prevent damage to your batteries when you’re out boating in the open water, they can also be used onboard your RVs, campers and long haul trucks. See the below diagram of an isolator installation.

isolator installation

In addition to the dependable performance you get from THOR Battery Isolators, you will also be impressed with the design features:

  • More flexible than traditional battery isolators
  • Smaller and lighter than traditional isolators
  • Allows Bi-directional charging from alternator or shore power
  • Works with all types of alternators
  • No efficiency losses due to diodes

As with all THOR Manufacturing products you can expect reliability, top quality and innovative design at a competitive price. Call us today or send us a message to see how THOR Series Battery Isolators can work for you.

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